Aged & Infused Cocktail Kit (more options)

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The best hostess gift! Or treat your husband to a fun way to drink his favorite spirits! Each kit is packed with dehydrated fruits and spices that give your favorite spirits a personal touch. Infusion kits come complete with a 16 oz vessel, pre-measured ingredients and custom filtering pour spout. The perfect addition to any bar cart! 

Curated and created in Chicago!

SNOWED IN: Adult snow days call for a cocktail! We’re not weather people, but we see a season of hibernation ahead. Might as well lean in, right? Cozy up with a cocktail layered with crisp apple, spicy ginger and nutty cardamom.
• Ingredients: dehydrated apples, candied ginger, cardamom
• Recommended Spirits: whiskey, vodka

SPIKE THE PUNCH: No shame in spiking your mom’s punch bowl with this merry trio of tart cranberry, mellow pear and roasty rosemary - it will make anyone’s spirits bright. A perfect pair of nearly everything on your bar cart, this is a boozy gift that will keep on giving.
• Ingredients: dehydrated cranberry, dehydrated pear, dried rosemary
• Recommended Spirits: gin, rum

NAVEL GRAZER: Like Old Fashions? This infusion kit is for you! Tangy oranges combine with mulled spices to create a warm, classic flavor - perfect for sipping over ice.
• Ingredients: dehydrated orange, cinnamon, clove
• Recommended Spirits: whiskey, bourbon

BLUE SUNDAY: This infusion kit is a delicious mix of fruity and floral flavors, perfect for both light and dark spirits.
• Ingredients: dehydrated blueberries, lemon, lavender
• Recommended Spirits: whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila